Saturday, February 6, 2016

My New Poetry Collection

Hi again,
here's my latest poetry collection:

Loving, Living & Legends

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Loving, Living & Legends
LOVING, LIVING & LEGENDS is Jack Horne’s solo effort sequel to Shades of Darkness and Light, which he wrote with friends Carolyn Devonshire and Sandra Stefanowich (the book was published in 2013 by eTreasures).
There should be something for everyone in this collection!
Humour plays quite a large part, as Jack believes laughter is a vital part of living (and loving).
Many of the poems were written straight from the heart. Jack’s intention is to cover subjects such as loneliness, loss, illness and death, with sensitivity and, where possible, hope. Faith and belief add to the message of hope.
A number of these poems are about the unknown: mysteries of life or death, or the supernatural. Jack has always been fascinated with the unexplained and has researched the subject tirelessly. His imagination has also roamed, wild and free.
As this collection focuses on positivity, rather than negativity, you won’t find any really scary pieces here.

Genre: Poetry

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