Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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Watch Out
Jack the Ripper expert, Shelly Kelly, has always dreamed of solving the famous Victorian crime. Down on her luck, despite being the respected author of numerous Ripper books, she applies for a guide job at Jack’s Ripper tours. When she enters the shabby premises and meets its owner, Andrew Windblower, she never dreams it will lead her back into the past, into Victorian England.
Windblower has a pocket watch, which he believes the Ripper once owned: when the watch case is open, it also opens a portal into the Ripper’s territory. However, when the watch gets damaged, Shelly and Windblower find themselves stranded in Whitechapel, 1888...
As the serial killer begins his blood-thirsty career, Shelly knows she has to pit her wits against him to save innocent lives. But will she be the one to finally beat the murderer, and how can she ever return to modern day London?

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